Sundown Motel
   "We always leave the light on after the sun goes down."

We are a charming one-story motel located in Central Montana and close to the Little Belt Mountains.  Clean and cozy rooms to comfort your stay with several restaurants and services available throughout our area!   Free complimentary coffee daily. We have refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms, and we are pet freindly with a $5.00 pet fee per night.

We offer rooms of the following bed amenities: Double, Queen, Queen and Twin, and two Doubles.  Family rooms are also available upon request.

Please call us at 406-566-2316 if you have any questions or to make a reservation.  Feel Like Us on Facebook!free to fill out our Online Reservation Form below and we will make sure to give you a call to confirm your reservation.   "We always leave a light on after the sun goes down."

Our Room Rates:

$53.00:  1 Bed, 1 Person
$63.00:  1 Bed, 2 Persons
$67.00:  2 Beds, 2 Persons
$70.00:  2 Beds, 3 Persons
$73.00:  2 Beds, 4 Persons
$76.00:  2 Beds, 5 Persons

Our Rooms that are Available
For Reservations:

Non-Smoking Rooms

Room # 1:   2 Bedrooms, Living Room, and
                     Kitchenette - $75.00 per night
Room # 2:   1 Queen Bed and 1 Single Bed
Room # 3:   2 Double Beds
Room # 4:   2 Queen Beds and 1 Rollaway
Room # 5:   1 Double Bed
Room # 7:   1 Double Bed
Room # 8:   1 Queen Bed
Room # 9:   1 Queen Bed
Room # 10: 2 Double Beds
Room # 11: 2 Double Beds

Smoking Room

Room # 6:   1 Double Bed

We are pet friendly charging a $5.00 pet fee per night.

Make your Reservations Online

We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your requested room reservation information.  Please make sure all fields are filled in.  Thank You.

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Sundown Motel 

36141 US Hwy 87

Stanford, Montana  59479