Nowhere else on earth will you find more unspoiled spaces to get out and experience the great outdoors.  If freedom could be bottled and sold, Central Montana right here in the heart of Russell Country would certainly be a popular place to acquire it. Climb a rock face, hike through forests, dip a toe in Ackley Lake, learn to love powder skiing, (pause for deep breath) camp like you mean it, gallop over rolling fields on horseback, or just throw down a picnic blanket; sigh, and take it all in.

There is something truly amazing and awe-inspiring about Central Montana’s vistas, our big blue sky, and wide open spaces.  Usually, a “Montana commute” means back-country roads, very few traffic lights if any at all, a few stop signs – maybe.  Some folks travel by way of tractor, hay truck, a gallop across a field while rounding up cattle, or even on a 4-wheeler.   And a “good commute” is a road that is paved.

Enjoy your stay and the views that we witness just a short walk out our door everyday.

Come stay with us
for a while.
Discover a
Montana experience
  as it should be.

Central Montana welcomes you to
Russell Country located in the heart
of Judith Basin County!
Play.  Eat.  Stay.

Charlie Russell painted more
than one famous canvas.  We live in them.
Charlie Russell was a man with a way of expressing himself...of showing just how deep his feelings for this part of Montana ran.  And once you've been here a while, you will begin to understand.  When you've watched the sun go down and paint the sky over Square Butte, or have seen the beauty of a herd of deer, a covey of grouse or the majesty of a bull elk...when you see a trout tail walk across a rushing stream, or walk through a field of wildflowers ... then you can begin to feel what ol' Charlie felt.  

We know.  We've lived here all our lives.  And we would love to share it.
Thank you for stopping by and taking a tour of Russell Country located in Central Montana.   You are visitor